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RC Walking Godzilla Heat-Ray Breath 1:12

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RC Walking Godzilla Heat-Ray Breath 1:12


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Jada Toys heat ray RC Godzilla toy (63 cm) with water vapour – remote-controlled action figure from Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire for kids age 6+, toy monster with sound + light • Mega Godzilla – Take control of Godzilla king of the monsters and control the 63 cm tall giant from the new MonsterVerse film "Godzilla vs Kong: The New Empire" by remote control! • Spectacular action – the officially licensed "Heat-Ray Breath" Godzilla roars and stomps around, while his thorny lizard tail swings back and forth and lights up. • Special effect – The highlight of the Shin Godzilla figure is its impressive heat ray of water vapour: Fill the head with water and the Godzilla toy breathes out glowing flames! • Simple control – steer the RC play figure with the 3-channel remote control in the shape of a Godzilla claw (batteries included). At 2.4 GHz, it ensures smooth control and is suitable for ages 6 and up. • Jada Toys – Action figures for the home: As a leading toy manufacturer of film figures and cars from Hollywood & Co., we bring your heroes into your living room as detailed collectible figures. Remote-controlled Godzilla with simulated heat ray! • Heat-Ray Breath Godzilla from Jada Toys • Detailed replica from the new film "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire" • Radio control toy with 3-channel radio remote control (2.4 GHz) incl. all required batteries • Height: 63 cm, scale: 1:12 • Official licence from Legendary • Age recommendation: Fan toys for adults and children aged 6 and over RC action figure with spectacular effects Bring the legendary monster Godzillla to life with the remote-controlled Jada Toys figure! With its glow-in-the-dark, swinging lizard tail, the giant Godzilla action figure stomps around tirelessly and lets out its iconic roar. But that's not all: When the monster's head is filled with water, an illuminated water-vapour heat ray comes out of its mouth – making the play experience even more exciting and realistic. Simple controls for children aged 6 and over The remote-control toy monster can be effortlessly manoeuvred forwards, left and right using the 3-channel remote control with 2.4 GHz. All the batteries required for the play figure and the remote control are already included. The elaborately designed details and special effects ensure an authentic representation of the Godzilla character from the MonsterVerse films, such as "Godzilla Minus One" or "Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire". Jada Toys – Hollywood heroes as toys and collector's items Batman, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Marvel, Minecraft or Transformers: With Jada Toys, you can bring famous Hollywood stars into your living room as detailed replicas of film characters and cars. As a leading manufacturer of Hollywood action figures and model cars, we have been creating high-quality, detailed collector's items for children and adults for over 20 years.

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