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With Jada Toys toy vehicles, there are no limits! Read all about finding the perfect toy car for your child and get to know the Jada product range by clicking here.


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Brands & licenses
Sam 5 Pack

Fireman Sam

Sam 5 Pack



Fireman Sam 5-pack: Firefighter Sam and his colleagues have a lot to do in the tranquil town of Pontypandy. Because there are always many exciting adventures waiting for the heroes of the popular children's series. This playset makes every fan's heart beat faster of the popular children's series Fireman Sam. The set comes with 5 high-quality die cast vehicles. This play fun is suitable for children from 3 years.

Sam Single Pack, 8-asst.

Fireman Sam

Sam Single Pack, 8-asst.



"Fireman Sam vehicles – always ready for action! In the small harbour town of Pontypandy, Fireman Sam always has something to do in his fleet of fire vehicles. Featuring a range of well-known vehicles from Fireman Sam, this Dickie Toys collection is perfect for young fans of the TV series. Choose between the fire engine Jupiter, the pick-up truck Venus 2.0 or the rescue boat Titan. The collection also includes the helicopter Wallaby 2, the police motorbike, the police car Mercury and the rescue vehicle Phoenix. All vehicles move without a motor. Each vehicle is made from robust die-cast metal. The perfect gift for Fireman Sam fans!

Fireman Sam 3 Pack

Toy vehicles

Fireman Sam 3 Pack



Fireman Sam vehicles as a three-part set: which vehicle will it be today? Fireman Sam is extremely popular with children. Who wouldn't want to race through Pontypandy with his vehicles? Dickie Toys offers fans of the Fireman Sam series vehicles as a three-piece set of fire engine Jupiter, lifeboat Neptune and quad bike Mercury. All the vehicles are free-wheeling and made of sturdy die-cast metal. They can be added to the other playsets in the series, or played with by themselves and provide hours of fun in the make-believe world of Pontypandy. Experience the excitement that Sam and his friends trigger in children!    

PJ Mask 3-Pack

PJ Masks

PJ Mask 3-Pack



PJ Masks 3-Pack: three heroes – one mission The PJ Masks 3-Pack by Jada Toys contains all three fast-moving vehicles from the PJ Masks hit series: the Cat-Car, Owl-Glider and Gekko Mobile are all controlled by their respective heroes as permanently-installed figures. Each free-wheeling toy vehicle has a die-cast surface that is particularly high-quality, durable and accurate in every detail. This trio is an absolute must for fans of the series and will provide many hours of fun.

PJ Masks Team Headquarter incl. 1 Die-Cast vehicle Cat-Car

PJ Masks

PJ Masks Team Headquarter incl. 1 Die-Cast vehicle Cat-Car



PJ Masks Team Headquarter: There's always something going on here! Proper superheroes also need a proper hideout. And in the playroom, this hideout is the Jada Toys PJ Masks Team Headquarter with its many different functions. The multi-storey playset faithfully reproduces the headquarter from the series and features ramps, a shooter and an elevator. A die-cast toy car with a Catboy figure is included, ensuring hours of fun in the PJ Masks world.

Jada Fireman Sam Bundle

Fireman Sam

Jada Fireman Sam Bundle


soon available again

Product bundle consisting of: Sam 5 Pack / Sam Walkie Talkie Article number: 203094007 Product: Sam 5 Pack Fireman Sam 5-pack: Firefighter Sam and his colleagues have a lot to do in the tranquil town of Pontypandy. Because there are always many exciting adventures waiting for the heroes of the popular children's series. This playset makes every fan's heart beat faster of the popular children's series Fireman Sam. The set comes with 5 high-quality die cast vehicles. This play fun is suitable for children from 3 years. Article number: 203092005 Product: Sam Walkie Talkie Jada Toys – Fireman Sam walkie talkies – 2 walkie-talkies, specially designed for children aged 4 and above, range of up to 100 metres, toy walkie-talkies Jada Toys Fireman Sam walkie-talkies – Always ready for action! If you’re a firefighter, you need to be well informed. With these handy walkie-talkies, you can keep in touch with your fellow firefighters wherever you are and share important information at the touch of a button. Each walkie-talkie features a licensed Fireman Sam design. Child-friendly design Designed specially for children, the walkie-talkies feature a detailed, brightly coloured housing to inspire creative play. Thanks to the intuitive design, even young children will have no problems operating the devices –  just press the button and speak into the microphone to relay your message. The speaker volume is set to an appropriate level in order to protect sensitive young ears, while the sturdy housing ensures that the walkie-talkies can withstand the occasional drop or impact. The walkie-talkies also feature an ergonomic design that is tailored specifically to young hands. Featuring a sealed battery compartment and noise cancellation technology to suppress background noise, the JadaToys walkie-talkies are the ideal role-play toy for action-packed adventures. For children aged 4 and above Designed for children aged 4 and above, these walkie-talkies can be used at a range of up to 100 metres, and are the perfect accessory for young adventurers. Important: Please note that children’s walkie-talkies should always come with a toy label (e.g. a statement such as ‘suitable for children aged X and above’). Conventional walkie-talkies may have a negative impact on your child’s development and are not designed to be used as a toy.

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For kids who can't get enough of everything car and vehicles-related – toy cars & vehicles from Jada Toys!

Whether on the way to kindergarten, in the living room at home or outside: Toy cars are loyal companions with which the joy of driving is ever present. Boys and girls who are interested in motorised vehicles love to play with the toy vehicles, which can be used in many ways when playing alone or with peers.

From what age are toy cars & vehicles suitable, and how do they impact child development?

Different toy vehicles are suitable for children of different ages. Basic models without small moving parts are already suitable for young children under the age of three. While the majority of toy cars can be used without restriction by children from the age of three, there are a few products that place higher demands on the child's abilities. These are then often only intended for children from the age of five. It is best to follow the age recommendations of the manufacturers to find out which toy vehicles are best suited to the developmental stage of your child.

Car toys are known for being able to support children in their individual development. Handling the small toy vehicles goes hand in hand with the promotion of various skills, which we will discuss in more detail below:

Promoting creativity

When playing with toy cars, there are no limits to creativity and imagination. Your child can create their own exciting scenarios to execute with the toy vehicles without being bound to reality. Thus, playing with toy cars enables your child to discover their creative potential and invites them to try out things they have never thought of before.

Promoting fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are the part of motor skills that refer to small, precise movements, which are mostly performed by the hands and fingers. When your child races the toy cars on imaginary tracks, masters daring manoeuvres, opens tiny boot doors or skilfully parks the fancy toy cars, he or she effectively trains his or her fine motor skills.

Promoting orientation

What applies to driving real cars on the roads also applies to driving toy vehicles: without orientation, you quickly get lost. By moving the little toy cars and constructing creative routes, your child learns to estimate distances realistically and position themselves usefully.

Getting to know the rules of the road

There is hardly a toy that is better suited for introducing traffic rules than a toy car. You can use the vehicles to re-enact traffic scenes together with your child. In this context, it is a good idea to go into the applicable traffic rules and explain them in a child-friendly way using the toy vehicles.

How do you clean toy vehicles?

To keep the toy cars hygienic in the long term, they need to be cleaned occasionally. You can use a soft microfibre cloth and a little water for this purpose. However, it is better not to use conventional household cleaners, as these can cause damage to the car toys.

What should you look for when buying toy vehicles?

You should pay attention to these features and criteria in order to choose the ideal toy vehicle for your child:

Age recommendation

The age recommendation already mentioned briefly tells you whether a car toy is suitable for the age group to which your child currently belongs, according to the manufacturer. Important: This is only a rough guideline. Ultimately, it is up to you to assess your child and decide which toys he or she can already handle.


Compare different models and consider in advance what is essential to you in a toy vehicle for your child. If you particularly value a detailed, realistic look, you should look out for original licensed models.


Furthermore, consider the individual characteristics of the products that have made it to your shortlist. For example, find out about the following aspects:

  • Size and weight
  • Design and material
  • Movable part, light and sound effects
  • Scope of delivery and accessories

All about our Jada toy cars & toy vehicles

If you want to surprise your child with a first-class toy vehicle, you are at the right place. Our colourful range includes a wide selection of toy cars in these categories:

PJ Masks

Is your child a real PJ Masks fan? Then you shouldn't miss out on our PJ Masks toy cars. Your child can become a cat-car driver and have wild races against the Owl-Glider or the Gekko-Mobile.

Hello Kitty

Little cat lovers are magically attracted to the Hello Kitty toy vehicles. The feline products in the typical pink design will definitely wow your child. They have all kinds of exciting functions and score points with adorable accessories.

Fireman Sam

Who can help put out the fire? In the Fireman Sam toy cars category, you'll find toy vehicles that will make the hearts of little firemen and women beat faster – off to the next mission!

Conclusion: Toy vehicles for young and old – find your dream car at Jada Toys

From PJ Masks cat-cars to Hello Kitty feline adventures and Sam's fire engines, Jada has everything little racers could wish for. Our high-quality toy cars convince with their excellent quality and unbeatable value for money. Thanks to their child-friendly design and operation, the toy vehicles contribute greatly to the playful development of your child and have a positive effect on fine motor skills, imagination, and sense of direction. In short: Your child will benefit all along the line when playing with Jada toy cars.

Is a toy car not what you are looking for? No problem because numerous other product categories are accessible via our homepage! Take a look around and discover our action figures, remote-controlled vehicles and much more.