M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"
M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"

M&Ms Yellow Figure 4"

  • Article number: 253251028
  • Age recommendation: from 13 years


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Product information

Jada Toys Yellow M&Ms figurine (4 inches/10 cm) - Yellow M&M’s collectible metal figure with metallic paint, decorative fan merchandise for collectors & chocolate lovers, Yellow

"Howdy, I’m Yellow!"
"My favorite thing about today is everything!" Meet Yellow - perhaps the most lovable M&Ms character! Underneath his thick chocolate shell, the Yellow M & M character is full of endearing charm, sincere friendliness and tireless optimism! The anthropomorphic chocolate character instantly captures the hearts of all chocolate lovers.

Detailed Jada Toys metal figure for collecting and giving as a gift
With official licensing from the M&Ms manufacturer Mars, the collectible figurine is made of high-quality metal and packaged in a clear window box. Carefully crafted, the M&Ms toy delights with its detailed design, which includes the typical innocent facial expression and gestures of the Yellow M & M figure. The bold metallic paint, signature on the base and iconic branding make the Yellow spokescandy figurine a true collector’s item for fans of the popular American chocolate treat. Suitable for 13 years and up.

Sweet gift idea for women and men
Surprise your wife, boyfriend, mom or work colleague with this original M&Ms gift! The figurine is perfect for adding to a candy gift box, a chocolate present, a large M&Ms bag or to a gift box – be it for Christmas, birthdays, wedding anniversaries or Mother’s Day!

Jada Toys - Hollywood heroes as toys and collectibles
Batman, Fast & Furious, Harry Potter, Marvel, Minecraft or Transformers: With Jada Toys, you can bring famous Hollywood stars into your living room as detailed replicas of movie characters and cars. As a leading manufacturer of Hollywood action figures and model cars, we have been creating high-quality, detailed collectibles for children and adults for more than 20 years.

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years due to small parts. Choking hazard!

Product details

• Yellow M&Ms collectible – regardless of whether you prefer your chocolate treat as chocolate, peanut or crispy – this iconic M&M figurine will sweeten every MMs moment with his irresistible charm!
• So sweet - "My favorite thing about today is everything!" With a good-natured, friendly and optimistic character, the spokescandies advertising character "Yellow" captures everyone’s heart.
• Decorative collectible figurine - the officially licensed metal figure (4 inches/10 cm) with yellow metallic paint is a delight in any snack box, candy dispenser or collector’s display case.
• Original gift - perfect for complementing an M and Ms bulk bag or a chocolate present – figure for playing and decorating in window box packaging for women and men ages 13 years and up!
• Jada Toys - iconic figures for home: As a leading toy manufacturer of movie characters and cars from Hollywood & beyond, we bring your heroes right to your living room as detailed collectibles.

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